Buildings & Sites

You can search for specific property information via the Johnston County Online GIS Application by using a parcel query and enter the tax identification number. All the above properties are located in or near the Town of Benson.

Disclaimer: Prices may not be current. 


Building Name
Size Tax ID Number
402 W. Martin St. 
43,000 square feet

Office Space

Size Tax ID Number
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Site Name Size Tax ID Number
Pope Property 144 Acres 01F09047D
Levinson Property 12.42 Acres 01E09068C
Benson One Partners Property 1 (I-95 Frontage) (PDF)
12.31 01F11003
Benson One Partners Property 2 (I-95 Frontage) (PDF) 23.38 01025012

Whitco Property (I-95 Frontage) (PDF) 10.44
Woodall Dairy Road Industrial Property (PDF) 47.47 Acres 01E08019D
Oakland Property (PDF) 84.53 Acres 01F09061A
Hwy 50 Industrial Property (PDF) 87.65 Acres 01F11005A
I-95 Industrial Property (PDF) 78.23 Acres 01E10011C
Benson Business Park (PDF) 12.34
242 Industrial Property (PDF) 8.83 Acres 01E08036B
Martin Street Property 1.63 Acres 01015024
Elm Street Property 4.5 Acres 01020004