Economic Development

Doing Business In Benson: It's All About Access

Located at the mid-point between Miami and Boston, where I-95 (the "Main Street" of the East Coast) intersects with I-40, Benson, North Carolina is a logistical dream location for business.
  • Access to domestic and international markets: Most East Coast destinations are within a day's trucking distance, and 70% of U.S. and Canadian markets can be reached overnight. Rail service is extensive, and two deep-water ports are less than 2 hours away.
  • Access to an exceptional labor environment: featuring an affordable, productive and well-trained work force, supported by world-class educational resources.
  • Access to a business-friendly climate: with the state capitol right next door, you're positioned to take full advantage of all that our right-to-work state has to offer, including generous tax credits and incentives.
  • Access to resources: Benson is just minutes away from the renowned Research Triangle Park and Raleigh-Durham International Airport, four major research universities, and the nation's largest military installation.

State-Level Assistance for New Industries

Specific areas within Johnston County have applied for and been designated as State Development Zones. These areas offer state tax abatements greater than what is currently offered under the Article 3J Tax Credits. Johnston County is currently listed as a Tier 3 category and is able to offer tax incentives for new and expanding businesses as outlined in that tax program. You can obtain a list of the County Development Zones through the Economic Development Office. See the Department of Commerce's Article 3J webpage for more details.

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