In an era in which downtown storefronts across America are increasingly vacant and boarded up, Benson's heart has remained strong and vital, with more than 100 shops, eateries and service venues operating in the downtown core. Join us for shopping, dining or sightseeing amidst the nostalgic beauty of turn-of-the-century architecture in Historic Downtown Benson.

Historic Charm
Part of Benson's charm is that so much of the town has been unaffected by the passage of time. In fact, 54 acres of the town, including downtown and several residential neighborhoods, were named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

Historic Sites

  • The Town of Benson is rich in history proven by its 54 acre National Historic District. The Benson National Historic District includes over 100 historic properties including iconic properties like the:
  • Benson Town Hall
  • Macon Hotel
  • Mary Duncan Public Library
  • Preston Woodall House

More Information

Check out the Benson Register of Historic Places (PDF) for a listing of all properties in the district. Also included with the register is a map of the District (PDF) so you can take a self guided tour of historic proportions.